Panda Bar in Kamakura, Spanish delight, morning & night


So where would you find a panda? Spain? No. You go to mountains in China for the real and adorable panda bears.

This one here we’re talking about Panda Bar, a standing style Spanish bar.
On Onari-dori (Onari street) just couple of minutes walk from Kamakura Station, you will find it on your left with some Latin feel exterior standing out from surroundings.


Not a big place. Maybe 20 people to make the place packed. Basically a stand bar, but couple of high table and chairs.

Though the town is rather quiet at night, you usually hear cheers and laughters from this place with locals and travelers enjoying drinks, pinchos, and casual conversations.

Both Belgian white beer and Sapporo draft on tap are waiting for you to start with. Good wines with some price range.

The food is basically Spanish pinchos style such as ham, olive, stir fryed mushroom and shrimp, Spanish potato omelette, grilled beef and much more to choose from.

Bar master Kusama-san, very frank and friendly guy, loves to have chat and occasionally passing talks from one to another to make the place like a home party.

No smoking, but allowed in outside section with a drink in your hand.

Not sure with English menu. Maybe they had one.

The bar opens at 3pm-ish and closes 11pm. So easy for travelers to enjoy either in daytime when coming back towards Kamakura station from Daibutsu (big Buddha) or the beach, or night time when more locals come in. (Last train to Tokyo area is 11:43pm)


The place serves morning also. 8am open.  Good espresso and coffees with barista machine. Some donuts, ham n cheese toast, orange juice, etc.

Generally the morning is quiet with businessman or locals such as shop and restaurant owners stopping by before starting their busy day.

Panda Bar, easy to hop in to have good beer, wine, food and local feel. Enjoy!